Ayuramruth RUMA DS Pain Oil | Relief from Joint Pain ,Stiffness | 50ml
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Ruma DS Pain Oil is a combination of herbal extracts and oils, which is very much effective for muscular pain, sprains, joint pain, lower back pain, neck & shoulder pain. Application Area: Ankle, Back, Chest, Elbow, Foot, Fore arm, Forehead, Head, Joints, Knee, Leg, Muscle, Neck, Shoulder. Composition:Nirgundi Leaf, Rasna Root, Eranda Root, Tailaparna Leaf, Kunduru Resin, Katuvira Fruit, Devadaru Heart, Gandapura Tel, Putiha, Yavani Fruit, Sarsapa seed tel, Tila tail seed

Country of Origin: India

Vendor: Ayuramruth