Bharat Moringa Black Curcumin Tablets
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Bharat Moringa Black Curcumin Tablets

– Rich in antioxidants
– Improves heart health
– Helpful in lung illness
– Controls weight-loss
– Helps prevent cancer
– Fights inflammation and helps reduce pain

Curcumin tablets are a super-strength formulation containing 95% curcuminoids (high potency). Curcuminoids have significant anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties. They fight damage-causing free radical molecules in the body. The high-quality product is proved to be beneficial for joint pain, joint flexibility, discomfort and inflammation, liver function, brain function, blood circulation, and enhancing the immune system. It’s ideal for a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.


We use biopiperine in our tablets which ensures better absorbtion of black circumin in our body.
All our tablets are not manufactured with starch and chemical binding filler. We use only 4.78% Gaur Gum as our Binder

Black Turmeric Powder 93%
Biopiperine 7%
Binded with gaur gum

ConsumeFor best results consume two tablets a day

Quantity-  : 60 Tablets

Vendor: Bharat Moringa
Style: Capsule
Weight::  1 g