Bharat Moringa Herbal Tea (20 Teabags)
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Bharat Moringa Herbal Tea

– Aids weight loss
– Fights cholesterol build up
– Controls high blood pressure
– Keeps blood sugar levels in check
– Rich in Antioxidants and beneficial for skin and hair

Moringa Herbal tea is enriched with Moringa which has high nutritious value. It is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps in reducing blood sugar levels. It also has aphrodisiac properties and aids in promoting sexual wellness and fertility. It helps in improving overall health and wellness.
Moringa herbal tea is magic formula for restoring health with immense detoxifying properties

Freeze dried Moringa Oleifera and decaffeinated green tea leaves

Quantity-  :  20 TEA BAGS
Consumption- : One can have 2-3 cups as a part of regular diet

Vendor: Bharat Moringa
Style: Tea Bags
Weight::  1 g