Cervical Spondylosis Health Combo
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  1. This combination of medicines and herbs supports and strengths the spinal cord and the cervical vertebrae.
  2. Improves flexibility of the joints of the cervical vertebrae.
  3. Eases and removes the pain in the cervical joints.
  4. Strengthen the cervical vertebrae and complains of cervical Spondylosis patients.
  5. Reduce the symptoms like numbness and vertigo caused by cervical spondylosis.

Shallaki Tablets: The botanical name of Shallaki is Boswellia serrata. Shallaki is an ayurvedic medicine. It reduces inflammation and pain of joints, maintains cholesterol levels, and improves sexual health. It is 100% natural.

Tryodshang Guggul Tablet: This Ayurvedic medicine mentioned in the ancient texts finds reference in various problems of backbone. It is highly useful in cervical and lower backbone patients. It not only increases the flexibility of the backbone but also gives power and strength to the nerve plexus passing through the spine.

Joint Rakshak Tablet: 

  1. This product helps in building the synovial fluid between the joints.
  2. It increases the flexibility and mobility of joints.
  3. It rejuvenates and repairs bone and joints.
  4. Helps in recovery from overuse or wear and tear of joints.
  5. Glucosamine, MSM,  Calcium, and vitamin D3 have been used in a ratio to provide the ultimate food required to keep the bones and joints in good health.
Vendor: Arogyam Ayurveda
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