Dharishah FTS - Herbal Fat Burner - 60 Tablets
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Dharishah FTS - Herbal Fat Burner

Dharishah FTS incorporates Ayurvedic spices, for example, Green Tea, Curry Patta, Mandohar Gugal, Shila Sindur, Badi Imli ke Beej, Tarifala, Sonth, Kali Mirch, Magh Pipal, Gomutur Shar, Xanthan Gum, and, Swarn Vang that are utilized generally to lessen and keep a solid weight. This guides in consuming off any abundance muscle to fat ratio and bringing down expanded cholesterol and fatty substance levels. A predictable calorie shortfall can bring about weight reduction.

Ingredients :

Kali Mirchi, Magh Pipal, Green tea, Shila Sindur, Curry Patta.

How to use :

One tablet twice a day with water after meal.

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