FYTUM – Men’s Sexual Wellness Tablets
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  • FYTUM BOTTLE contains: 40 tablets per bottle
  • FYTUM is a non-hormonal, natural Ayurvedic endogenous testosterone enhancer
  • FYTUM helps manage erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • FYTUM helps improve the strength of penile tissue and increase the erection time
  • FYTUM helps improve the loss of libido and is effective in Oligospermia
  • FYTUM helps in secondary impotence in men
  • FYTUM helps increase stamina, vitality, and vigor
  • FYTUM helps to overcome stress fatigue, anxiety
  • FYTUM is made with Vasant Kusumakar Ras (contains gold), Kesar, Shilajit, Prawal & Mukta Pishti, and other 27 herbal extracts that are known to improve sexual desire and drive – which consequently improve sexual performance.

     These 27 herbs, in combination with Vasant Kusumakar Ras increase the level of natural endogenous testosterone by acting as a non-hormonal bio stimulator.

  • FYTUM helps in managing erectile dysfunction by strengthening penile tissue and enhancing penile erection. This in turn aids in increasing stamina, vitality and vigor as well as helps in overcoming stress, fatigue and anxiety. These also assist to counter premature ejaculation.


    FYTUM rejuvenates Saptadhatu equilibrium, leading to formation of Shukradhatu, of good quality as well as quantity. It also strengthens Shukrasthana and serves to increase capacity for sustained performance.

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