Guduchi Ayurvedic Capsules for High Cholesterol, Obesidat & G-Tox
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Guduchi Ayurvedic Capsules for High Cholesterol, Obesidat & G-Tox 

Obesidat along with G-Tox capsule and KM20+ an ayurvedic night drink is an ideal combination of products that can help you keep your cholesterol and triglyceride level under control.

• Obesidat is an ayurvedic medicine for weight loss that removes unwanted fat by correcting the cell-to-cell metabolism of an individual. While most of the weight-loss products work temporarily by decreasing appetite, Obesidat helps in weight reduction to never gain it back.
• Obesidat – Usage:- One tablet in the morning on an empty stomach and one tablet 30 mins before dinner.
• G-Tox aids digestion by increasing digestive enzymes, suppresses hyperacidity, improves absorption of nutrients, prevents constipation and piles.
• G-TOX contains Haritaki , use of this ingredient helps in potent laxative, astringent, purgative, anti-bilious and anti-oxidant properties for treating numerous health anomalies.
• KM-20+ Kalameghasav- Contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, It helps to kill intestinal worms and support intestine, Promotes mucus discharge from the respiratory system, It stimulates bile flow, helps to improve digestive function, Useful in protecting liver and gall bladder, Helps to fortify the immune system, Helps to regulate the blood sugar level.
• KM-20 + Kalameghasav Usage:- 20ml juice with 20ml warm water at bed time.

Ingredients :

Haritaki, Chitraka, maricha, Shunti, Bakuchi, Kutki  dhataki Pushpa, pippali, rohitaka Karanja, saptparna , guduchi, kutaja, shunti, twak, sharapunkha, eluva, , bruhat Ela, haritaki ,baheda ,Pippali, and loha Bhasma, Jaggery.

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