Guduchi Ayurveda Postnatal weight loss: Obesidat, Amla juice and Utsadana
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Guduchi Ayurveda Obesidat, Amla juice & Utsabana Weight Loss Combo

Obesidat along with Amla juice and Utsadana an external application powder is an ideal combination of products & treatment that can help you get rid of the weight gained post-delivery.

• Obesidat is an ayurvedic medicine for weight loss that removes unwanted fat by correcting the cell-to-cell metabolism of an individual. While most of the weight-loss products work temporarily by decreasing appetite, Obesidat helps in weight reduction to never gain it back.
• Obesidat – Usage:- One tablet in the morning on an empty stomach and one tablet 30 mins before dinner.
• Amla Juice has effective benefits in signs of aging, lowering cholesterol level, optimizing digestion preventing chronic disease, treating respiratory infections, stimulating the immune system and promoting growth and development, among others.
• Amla Juice Usage: -Take 30 ml Amla juice with 90 ml water and consume once, in the morning and evening. (Preferably in empty stomach) every day.
• Utsadana is important and mandatory inclusion in Ayurvedic obesity and weight loss reduction program.
• Utsadana Usage: - Apply the coconut/sesame oil on the belly & massage with the Utsadana powder in an anti-clockwise direction for 20 min and then take a hot water bath. Use it regularly for 10 days to see a visible difference.

Ingredients :

Haritaki, Chitraka, maricha, Shunti, Bakuchi, amalakai, haritaki, bibhitaki, black pepper, Long pepper, Yava churnawqi.

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