Haldi Foaming Face Wash 120ml
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Due to the pollution and dust-laden air, our skin is normal to lose its natural charm and become prone to acne and frequent breakouts. Long before western brands took note of Haldi and its anti-inflammatory properties, the Eastern cultures used it in food formulations and as a skin remedy. Haldi and other ingredients used in this foaming face wash have a soothing, detoxifying, and exfoliating impact on your skin. People with acne scarring and puffiness must try this all-natural and ayurvedic face wash.

Ingredients :

Haldi, Aloevera, Neem

How to use :

Take two pumps in your palms and Apply it on your face gently. Rinse off with water once done.

Vendor: Dharishah
Style: Face Wash
Weight::  1 g

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