100% Organic Karbi Anglong Ginger Superroot Powder
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Complexity or simplicity? 

The choice is quite simple. Following the simple basics is the new cool. Now is the time to go back to roots and reclaim our beneficial organic nutrition and superfoods.

Confused where to begin? Why not start with the favourite spice of all Indian kitchens- ginger or Adrak. Whether it is tea, food or health, ginger is the popular choice for its zesty flavour and innumerable health benefits. 

Are you in? Try Good Lyfe Karbi Anglong Ginger Superoot Powder.

Splendid in colour, aroma and flavour, this unique ginger powder is obtained directly from the hilly region of Karbi Anglong in Assam that is known to produce the world’s best organic ginger. These varieties have high dry rhizome and recovery of oleoresin oil which is the main reason for the high aroma and beneficial properties compared to a regular Ginger. The agro-climatic conditions and eco-friendly farming methods of the indigenous Karbi tribe contributes to its uniqueness. Certified as a GI (Geographically Indexed provided by Government of India) product from India, it will enhance your health as well as your dishes. Our expertly curated Ginger superoot powder has many benefits:

  • Grown by the Karbi Tribe from Assam using traditional and sustainable farming practices 
  • Ethically sourced to ensure the finest quality
  • 100% Natural ingredients
  • 100% Certified organic (USDA & India Organic)
  • Hygienically processed as per global organic standards
  • Free of adulterants, chemicals, artificial colours, and flavours
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • 1% of the sale proceeds contributed to the community development programme

Rewrite your health goals with Good Lyfe Karbi Anglong Ginger Superoot Powder. You’re guaranteed to feel better in every way once you make it part of your daily régime. Check out our blog section to learn about its plentiful benefits. Place your order online, and let the brilliance of Karbi Anglong ginger power up your health goals.

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