Organic Ashwagandha Superoot Powder
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Our Good Lyfe Ashwagandha Superoot Powder comes from Rajasthan. The powder is made under strict guidelines that help preserve all the beneficial nutrients. 

  • Made from sustainable farming practices
  • Carefully handpicked
  • Sundried & processed at an optimal temperature
  • Hygienically processed as per global organic standards
  • 100% Organic (USDA certified)
  • No added preservatives, flavor, or color
  • Biodegradable pack

Ashwagandha, the magical herb, is nature's gift to mankind. Classified as a Rasayana, an ayurvedic term which means rejuvenation, it is expected to promote physical and emotional health and increase longevity. Regular use of this magical herb can energize the body and calm the mind at the same time.

Check out the blog on how you can hack the magic of the herb in your daily life with delectable recipes and easy-to-prepare beauty potions. Your sale contributes 1% of the price towards community development programs.

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Weight::  200 g