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  • Pure Shilajit has been used for ages in Ayurveda.
  • original shilajit is Potent herbal medicine to increase stamina, strength, and vigor in men.
  • Relaxes your mind and aids in improving your emotional health.
  • Shilajit balances the various hormones in the body, especially female reproductive hormones.
  • It helps in alleviating the symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • It contains the antioxidant fulvic acid. It helps in reducing free radicals and prevents cellular damage.
  • It acts as an energy booster and replenishes your energy demands. 
  • It helps in regulating menstruation.
  • It is directly obtained from the foothills of the Himalayas in its original and purest form.

Product details

Pure Shilajit tablets by Arogyam are very effective and potent herbal medicines. It is 100% original, natural, and pure. It is a reliable health supplement that provides strength and stamina to the body. It is used to enhance both male and female reproductive health. It helps in repairing body tissues. It also aids in improving the retaining power of memory. It is used in the management of Alzheimer's disease and anemia. It helps in treating various conditions ranging from impotence in males to bone fractures. 

It is a safe supplement with a positive effect on your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Important information

The shilajit capsules by Arogyam are one of the purest and original shilajit available. It contains no adulteration. It is a mineral-based extract sourced straight from the Himalayas. The shilajit tablets are tested under strict supervision. 

The originional shilajit tablets by Arogyam are rejuvenators that contain humus, minerals, fulvic acid, and organic plant material. It contains more than 80 vital minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, silver, and lead. 

It is important to consume the unadulterated and purest form of shilajit to experience all the benefits. Some shilajit supplements available in the market contain harmful chemicals, colors, and preservatives. Some of them may even contain heavy and toxic metals. The shilajit tablets by Arogyam are clinically tested and their effectiveness is proven. Therefore, these tablets are reliable.

While shilajit supplements have many beneficial effects, there are some precautionary measures that must be taken. It is observed that shilajit increases the activity of the immune system. So, if you are suffering from any immunological disorder like multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), or rheumatoid arthritis, you must avoid it.

Shilajit lowers the uric acid and blood glucose levels in the body. So, always monitor your levels if you are on uric acid lowering and anti-diabetic drugs.

If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, avoid consuming shilajit or shilajit supplements. 

Do not consume high doses of shilajit. It has high potency according to Ayurveda.  It causes Pitta dosha imbalance and may cause burning sensation in the body. 

Benefits of Pure Shilajit

There are multiple health benefits of consuming shilajit tablets. Some of them are listed below.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a chronic condition that is characterized by extreme tiredness and fatigue. The long-term fatigue or tiredness is not explained by an underlying disease. With CFS, you are unable to perform everyday chores. It seems challenging to go to work or school. Research shows that shilajit is helpful in CFS and aids in restoring energy. CFS is linked with mitochondrial dysfunction. Scientists believe that CFS occurs when the body cells don't produce the required amount of energy. Shilajit boosts mitochondrial functions and provides energy.
  • Alzheimer's disease: Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disorder that progresses with time. It causes memory, thinking, and behavioral problems. The fulvic acid, an antioxidant found in shilajit, is known to help in improving this progressive disease. It prevents the buildup of tau protein. Tau protein forms an important part of the nervous system. It forms neurofibrillary tangles made up of twisted clusters of dead and damaged nerve cells.
  • Aging: Shilajit has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  It protects from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Consuming shilajit results in life longevity, comparatively slows the process of aging, and contributes to overall better wellbeing.
  • High altitude sickness: It is caused by low atmospheric pressure, high velocity of wind, or cold temperatures. Shilajit has multiple health benefits such as it acts as a diuretic, boosts immunity, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, it helps in alleviating symptoms of altitude sickness like hypoxia, body pain, lethargy, insomnia, and pulmonary edema. The fulvic acid present in the shilajit aids in blood formation and increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
  • Anemia: Shilajit aids in managing iron deficiency anemia. It can be the result of low iron intake, blood loss, or the body's inability to absorb iron. You may experience symptoms like cold hands, feet, irregular heart rate, fatigue, weakness, and headache. Regular intake of shilajit helps in increasing iron levels. It also increases hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cells.
  • Respiratory tract infections: Shilajit proves to be an effective cure for respiratory tract infections seen in children. Some studies indicate that shilajit works against HRSV, a virus responsible for respiratory infections in children because of its antiviral properties. Shilajit balances Vata-Kapha dosha and helps in removing obstructions in the respiratory tract. 
  • Cancer: During chemotherapy treatment of cancer, the free radicals are generated. These free radicals damage even the healthy cells around the tumor. The fulvic and humic acid present in shilajit scavenges the free radicals and prevents further cellular damage. This also reduces the pain caused in chemotherapy.
  • Heavy metal toxicity: Shilajit helps in detoxification of the body as it contains fulvic and humic acid. These acids absorb harmful chemicals and toxins accumulated in the body including heavy metals such as mercury and lead.
  • High cholesterol: Consuming Shilajit improves cholesterol levels. High cholesterol puts you at risk of a heart condition. Research shows that shilajit significantly decreases cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Sperm count and testosterone levels: Taking shilajit regularly is known to significantly increase the total sperm count, sperm motility, and more number of healthy sperm. Thus, helping with infertility. It also increases levels of testosterone.  Low testosterone levels can lead to fatigue, hair loss, fatigue, increased body fat, low sex drive, and loss of muscle mass.
  • Heart health: Shilajit is good for overall heart health. It prevents cardiac injury. However, if you have an active heart condition, avoid consuming shilajit.
  • Other uses: Shilajit is considered a good remedy for conditions like digestive problems, osteoarthritis, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and eczema. 

It helps to prevent osteoporosis. It is also claimed as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are known to enhance the body's resistance to stress and boost energy.

Direction of use

Take 1 tablet twice a day after meals with a glass of water or with warm milk. It is advised to consume 150 mg of shilajit tablets twice a day. You can consume up to 300 to 500 mg per day based on your health status.

For better results, take pure and original shilajit by Arogyam for a minimum of 90 days.


There are many indications for consuming shilajit tablets. It has various vital medicinal properties. Research and scientific studies have shown evidence of benefit in several conditions including Alzheimer's disease, cancer, high altitude sickness, it calms and relaxes the mind, increases testosterone levels, heart health, manages high cholesterol levels, heavy metal toxicity, respiratory tract infections, iron deficiency anemia, slows the process of aging, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, eczema, improves immunity, and boosts energy. It is a reliable health supplement for overall wellness. 


The key ingredient is shilajit, also known as black bitumen, Asmaja, or Asphaltum. Shilajit is a herbal and mineral formulation that has been used as a healing supplement for thousands of years.  It is a blackish-brown mineral-based extract found in the Himalayan rocks. It contains many vital minerals like zinc, iron, and copper. The main component of shilajit is fulvic acid which is responsible for its antioxidant property. 

It helps in improving stamina, immunity, vitality, and boosts memory and alertness. It is beneficial in managing fatigue, lethargy, anemia, and enhances testosterone levels. 


Are there any side effects of shilajit tablets?

Although shilajit is natural, organic, and safe, you should not take raw shilajit.  It may contain heavy metals, fungus, and other contaminants that can make you ill. Make sure the shilajit you use is purified and safe to consume. 

Shilajit sometimes causes burning sensation. You can be allergic to shilajit. Stop taking shilajit, if you develop a rash, increase in heart rate, or dizziness. 

It increases the uric acid levels and worsens diseases like gout. It may alter hormone levels. It may also increase iron levels. Therefore, it must be avoided by people suffering from hemochromatosis, sickle cell anemia, or thalassemia. 

Do shilajit tablets by Arogyam contain any chemical?

No, it doesn't contain any chemicals or preservatives.  It is 100% original and pure mineral extraction.

Can women consume shilajit pure shilajit ?

Yes, women can consume shilajit tablets. It helps in reducing joint pain and general weakness. It regulates menstruation. It has Vata balancing and rejuvenating properties.

Can shilajit cause gastrointestinal disturbances like constipation?

No, shilajit does not cause any gastrointestinal disturbances like constipation. It eliminates toxic substances from the body.

Can Original shilajit be consumed in summers?

Yes, it can be consumed in any season including summers. It has rejuvenating properties. Although shilajit has hot potency, its easily digestible property compensates.

Do shilajit tablets help to lose weight?

Yes, shilajit tablets help to lose weight naturally. It reduces your appetite. As a result, you are no longer able to eat more food. It even burns fat.

Who can take it?

It can be consumed by adult men and women. However, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it.

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