Stallion Ultra Max 60 Capsules, Energy Booster
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Boost your energy: Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, Stay Energized, Stay Revitalized, Stay Optimised. 100% Vegetarian Capsules.

  • Relaxes corpus cavernosum muscles, increase penile blood flow.
  • Helps in sustaining the erection for a longer time.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Help in achieving harder erection
  • Cures night emissions/ Nightfall
  • Balances Sex Hormones
  • Increase Sex drive
  • Improve testosterone levels and blood vessels.
  • Improves performance and increase confidence.
  • Pure and reliable Herbal ingredient combination
  • Zero side effects risk
  • Very impressive result

Pure, Safe and Natural: Power packed with pure and natural ingredients to support your body health with comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Dosage: For best results, we recommend 2 capsules a day. One capsule after breakfast and one capsule after dinner. Each bottle will last for a month.

Weight::  250 g

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