Testovridhi - 60 Capsules - Testosterone Booster For Best Physical Performance
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TESTOVRIDHI made using all natural researched based ingredients that are known to boost the natural production of testosterone, giving you physical gains you have been working so hard to get. Together with proper diet intake, exercise and positive lifestyle habits; TESTOVRIDHI helps in muscle building and increases bone density further leading to fat loss.Your body’s testosterone encourages muscle tissue growth. It also interacts with nuclear receptors in DNA, which causes protein synthesis. Thus testosterone increases levels of growth hormone and with regular exercise it is more likely to build muscle in men. Testosterone also plays a role in fat metabolism, helping men to burn fat more efficiently. Dropping levels of testosterone can cause an increase in body fat. Thus TESTOVRIDHI works by increasing the amount of testosterone in your body and along with regular exercise resulting in huge gains in performance and physical strength while promoting fat loss.
Men with low levels of testosterone gain upto 14% more body fat and 22% more visceral (internal abdominal) fat over a period of 1 year compared to men with high testosterone levels. Increased fat storage in the body inhibits testosterone production, producing a cyclical problem causing testosterone levels to drop even more. TESTOVRIDHI is an easy and effective solution to achieve muscle gain and fat loss. It replenishes your supply of testosterone converting your body back to an anabolic state.

Ingredients :

Ashwaganda, Shilajit, Palam Panja, Kesar

How to use :

One capsules twice a day with water after meal.

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